• -  F-type connector for secure connection.

  • -  Built in low noise high gain amplifier to boost weak signals from aerial.

  • -  LED power indicator.

  • -  Short circuit protection.

  • -  Variable gain control allow fine tune of signal level.

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It is designed to amplify weak FM/DAB/TV signals from the aerial and distribute them to 2 TV outputs. Simply plug and play, with no need to set up.


    Before install, to avoid danger of electric shock, please ensure that all equipment is turned off and disconnected from the mains supply. Please ensure there is sufficient ventilation space available in order for the unit to work properly, preferable minimum of 10cm from the side and 10 cm from the top.

    1. Connect the aerial/TV receiver to the IN socket on the amplifier.

    2. Connect TV sets to the OUT sockets on the amplifier.

    3. Connect mains power to amplifier and TV and switch TV on.

    4. Adjust the rotary switch, until the best picture and sound quality is achieved

  2. Please note:
    This amplifier has no serviceable parts.
    To clean the unit please remove it from the mains socket and wipe dust off with a dry cloth.
    In case of a fault, please contact your dealer.
    DO NOT attempt to open the case as it contains high voltages which could be lethal.
    Keep unit away from moisture and heat sources.
    To avoid interference from unused output, 
    please add a 75Ω F-type terminator to the unused output.

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