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Brand: Next & Next Star

Next, NextStar Universal Remote Control

Full function remote control, compatible with Next Minix HD Black, Next Minix HD COOL, Next Minix HD Brother, Next Minix HD TANGO RED, Next Minix HD TANGO BLUE, Next Minix HD TANGO PINK, Next Twindiamond HD , Next 18000 HD CX, Next 18500 HD, Next 18500 HD Plus, Next 18500 HD Plus Cıs, Next 19000, Next 20000 HD, Next 20500 FTA, Next 22000 FTA USB...

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Technomate Mini Super Remote Control

Full function remote control, compatible with Technomate Mini Super Satellite. This innovative remote control is ready to use with no programming required. Simply insert the batteries and the remote will work straight away.

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Reference: 100.606UK

Brand: qtx

QX05PA-BLU Portable PA Blue

A petite and portable speaker with wireless VHF microphone; perfect for house parties, festival-goers, kid’s rooms and more. Bluetooth connectivity enables hassle-free, wireless playback from compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. The inbuilt media player (with remote control) plays directly from the integral FM radio tuner and...

Price £69.00

Reference: MDU-5

Digiturk MDU-5 0.1dB 4K Ultra HD LNB

MAG MDU-5 LNB 0.1dB for simultaneous signal supply up to 1 independent users.This high quality and Waterproof LNB is for receives digital,HD and 4K stations of satellites. It can be viewed without any further additional equipment to one receiver directly to be used. This high performance MDU-5 LNB

Price £59.00
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